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The mix of my skills, interests, resources, and experiences finds its niche in my freelance projects. Here resides the collaborative process of creating content.

I love working with my clients. I've got tons of experience. And I never miss a deadline.

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My creative and professional clients include artists and designers, architects and engineers, poets and professors. I thrive on one-on-one collaborations and, in the process, enjoy repeat clients, word-of-mouth referrals, interesting projects, and fresh challenges.


In interpreting a client's vision and bringing their project to fruition, my goal is to ensure style reflects substance and continuity informs content. Whether I'm designing a book layout, copyediting and/or formatting a document, writing an essay, or creating visual media.


The types of projects I work on include books and booklets, art catalogues and web content, slideshows and portfolios, event posters and pamphlets. And all manner of reports, proposals, profiles, papers, and bios, whether researching, writing, editing, or formatting.


“Sheila has drawn on her knowledge and experience to express the meaning of my work. She understands the intricate processes and concepts of my work with textiles, and has developed these ideas in an elegant way. Her insightful writing elevates this publication to a poetic level.”

Lesley Richmond, Textile Artist

Thank you for putting that wonderful book together. It was a total surprise and I love it. It represents the last 20 years of my work so well. I look at it often and it brings back fond memories. ... You are gifted, and I really appreciate your skill, insight, and recognition of what we are all about.

—Jon Losee, Landscape Architect

“Professionally speaking, as a jaded publisher I am not often impressed. But Sheila has succeeded in making me feel very impressed that one person—working solely with the power of a PC, her mind, and a latte—could possibly have edited this book to read coherently and smoothly. Many thanks!”

Matthew Koumis, Publisher

“Sheila’s persistence, encouragement, and enthusiasm, combined with her editing, designing, writing, and interviewing skills, turned what would have been a dull recounting of my husband’s work into an exciting and human story. I heartily recommend Sheila to anyone wishing to write a book.”

Kathryn Iredale, Co-author


back & front cover spread

The Spirit Series | Daniel Massé

two-page inside spread

A Tribute to the Spirit World of Northwest Coast Native Peoples

two-page inside spread

The Secret Life of Cocoons

two-page inside spread

The Silk Project of Textile Artist Joanna Staniszkis

back & front cover spread

Walking Into God | E.D. (Ted) Blodgett

two-page inside spread

table of contents | poetry

two-page inside spread

The Wisdom of the Imagination

two-page inside spread

The livres d'artiste of Lucie Lambert

note: to maintain client confidentiality, I've restricted the addenda below to public/published projects only


published projects

Essays Written for/about Clients for Publication

  • "The Nature of Silk Creation | The Creation of Silk Culture." La Vie en Soie II. Joanna Staniszkis, Exhibition Catalogue. Provence: L'hotel de Tingry, Ménerbes. 2022.

  • "The Creative Spirit." Patricia Gray Pastels. Van BC: Patricia Gray Inc., 5–9. 2016.

  • “The Dark Path of the Fairy Tale Forest: Journeying Deep into Lesley Richmond’s Tree Series.” Surface Design Journal, 36(1), 12–15. 2011.

  • “From Alchemy to Art: Les Éditions Lucie Lambert.” The wisdom of the imagination: The livres d’artiste of Lucie Lambert. (Sheila Martineau, Ed.). Vancouver BC: Simply Read Books, 1–27. 2010.

  • “The Fruit of the Creative Spirit is the Work of Art Itself.” Portfolio Collection: Lesley Richmond. (Vol. 40, M. Koumis, Ed.). London UK: Telos Art Publishing, 13–28. 2007.

  • “The Secret Life of Cocoons: The Silk Project of Textile Artist Joanna Staniszkis.” NUVO Magazine, 9, 89–91. 2006.

  • “MetalMorphosis: Worlds Within Worlds with Joanna Staniszkis.”
    Surface Design Journal, 29(4), 24–9. 2005.

  • “Les Éditions Lucie Lambert: Livres d’artiste and the Wisdom of the Imagination.” Amphora, 139, 6–19. 2005.

Co-authored with Client

  • Finding A Good Fit: The Life and Work of Architect Rand Iredale (S. Martineau, Ed.). Vancouver BC: Blue Imprint. Kathryn Iredale, Sheila Martineau.

Designed, Formatted, &/or Copyedited Clients' Books

  • Jonathan Losee, Landscape Architecture

  • City in Flux: Work in Progress, by Carolina de la Cajiga.

  • The Spirit Series: A Tribute to the Spirit World of Northwest Coast Native Peoples. Daniel Massé.

  • Patricia Gray: Pastels. Patricia Gray.

  • Wartime: A Handful of Memories, by Stefan Kiljański. Commissioned by his daughters.

  • From the Yellow Kitchen: Secrets, Stories, & Simply Delicious Dishes, by Sydney Lipovsky.

Designed, Formatted, & Copyedited Books for Publication

  • Walking into God, by E.D. Blodgett (poet). Vancouver BC: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

  • The wisdom of the imagination: The livres d’artiste of Lucie Lambert. Vancouver BC: Simply Read Books.

Organized, Shepherded, & Promoted through to Publication

  • Grownupedness, by Clarissa Green. Vancouver BC: Granville Island Publishing.

Copyedited Book

  • Busby: Learning Sustainable Design, by Perkins + Will.

Designed & Copyedited Exhibit Catalogue

  • objectsubject: Material Histories, Truth & Beauty Gallery Catalogue. Peppa Martin. [photography].

Copyedited Exhibit Catalogue

  • La Vie en Soie II: L'hotel de Tingry, Ménerbes. Joanna Staniszkis. [fabric art, design, & cultivation].

  • La Vie en Soie I: The Bonnieux Collection. Tania Gleave. [jewelry design].

Created Client's Travel Booklet

  • HotMail: Notes from Abroad. Charlotte Murray, Arch.

Sample Book of Prominent Profiles & Portraits

  • in/sight: Into BC Arts & Culture, submitted to The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC), which included three essays based on my interviews with:

    • Arthur Erickson, FAIA, Global Architect

    • Jim Hart, Master Carver & Haida Hereditary Chief of the Eagle Clan, 7idansuu

    • Barbara Bourget, Co-founder, Director, Producer, & Performer of the Kokoro Dance Theatre Society

client comments

Wrote Essay & Copyedited Additional Texts

"Thank you so much ... You have done it so well, so brilliant! Merci!"

"This is great! A beautiful piece of writing!I"

(Joanna Staniszkis, Textile Artist & Designer)

Designed Book Cover & Page Layout, & Copyedited Text

"Thank you for your meticulous and loving work on the manuscript."

(Peter Midgley, Editor)

Tracked, Formatted, & Copyedited Academic Manuscript & Index

“Many thanks from both of us for all your work on Pop Culture & Power. It has been a ‘long journey,’ and we appreciate your diligence.”
( Dawn Currie, Professor Emerita, UBC)

“Thanks for all your careful work on our Index.”
(Deirdre Kelly, Professor, UBC)

Formatted Dissertation

“Thanks again for your help in getting this final draft of my dissertation completed. I can’t believe I am nearly at the end of this journey! … THANKS A MILLION. I look forward to buying you that cocktail soon.”
(John Fleming, Doctoral Candidate, UBC)

Copyedited Numerous Large Engineering Reports

"Thank-you very much for your hard work. It helped greatly with the quality of the document." (Tom Willis, Senior Engineering Consultant)

"Perfect! Thanks so much Sheila! Your services are appreciated as always."

(Geoff England, Associate Engineer)

Copyedited Numerous Academic Papers for Publication

"Thank you. As usual, you are so helpful!"

"You are amazing, thank you!"

"Thank you so much!!! I just gave your name to ..!"

"You are an amazing editor. Thanks so much for working under such a time crunch." (Michelle Stack, Associate Professor, UBC)

Created Graphics & Images for Book Publication & Promotion

"It’s totally wonderful and I am sooo impressed with your talent and sensitivity! Thank you very very much!!"

"Oh Sheila, it is magnificent!! Your work is spectacular."

"Bless you, Sheila for your keen sensitive eye and very good ideas."

"You are a gem. Thank you!!"

(Clarissa Green, Associate Professor Emerita, UBC)

Created Website & Content

"I want to thank you for all the work you have done for me ... organizing a difficult website and helping me with marketing an unmarketable service and making it sound appealing …" (Jonathan Losee, Landscape Architect)

Designed & Co-authored Book

"Many, many thanks for all your incredible help." (Kathryn Iredale)

Designed Series of Pamphlets for Annual Writers' Event

"Totally brilliant!!"

MUCH appreciated ... Exciting!"

Thumbs up! ... Off it goes!"
(Betsy Warland, Founder & Mentor, Vancouver Manuscript Intensive)

Designed and Edited 'From the Yellow Kitchen' Cookbook

“With appreciation and thanks, and now on we go to the next adventure. Who knew the journey would be such fun!”
(Sydney Lipovsky, fantastic cook)