collecting data

for the love of words and pictures and true stories

Along with lovelorn letters and milestone headshots, my family members' memorabilia comprise facts and artifacts excavated deep in the archival crevices of collecting data.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, so might a thousand photos reveal a true story. Like reading between the lines.

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my public resources include:

my personal findings include:

And, discovered deep inside my parents' respective apartments, his buried found-object 'Assemblages' and her hidden fabric-craft 'Collections.' Complexity seeking clarity.

Plus, secrets and stories concealed inside a century-old photo album: long-kept secrets tucked inside the plastic sleeves, and never-told stories writ within the vintage snapshots.

Seen and unseen, known and unknown; all hold meaning. A view integral to both the memoir I'm writing and the backstories I'm recovering.


"How fiercely they competed against each other and, at the finish line, how joyfully they were the closest of brothers." [Richard Horner, schoolmate]

Fractal art digitally created, collaged, and coloured; applied to kimono styles for digital dye-printing on silk satins and broadcloths. [Sheila Martineau Designs Ltd.]


I plan to create several biographic booklets over the years ahead. My first offering, The Boys, draws on facts, stories, and memories:

Future topics include:


While many images and stories will be captured in booklets, some collections will also be showcased in photo galleries:

Note: Until I create online galleriesa long-term projectbelow are a few art- and magic-based carousels to scroll through