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I am a Freelance Consultant and the director of my creative pursuits, which comprise three portfolios: Services, Publications, and Collections. While all three engage my passion for assembling words and pictures and true stories, each portfolio maintains a distinct focus.

My career has spanned corporate, creative, academic, and community sectors. This range of experience forms the foundation for my ongoing work as writer, copy editor, book designer, and social researcher.

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client services

... involves 'creating content' with my creative and professional clients as we collaborate in bringing their visual and textual projects to fruition.

client services


... embraces 'cultivating story' in my non-fiction writing projects, which combine social research with academic, creative, and literary genres.



... encompasses 'collecting data' and recovering artifacts and anecdotes to catalogue my family members' histories and accomplishments.



In the 1990s I attended university as a mature student and earned a PhD in Social and Educational Studies (UBC, 1999). My studies focused on inter-disciplinary sociology, feminist politics and pedagogies, qualitative research methods, and personal narratives, all passionate areas of interest that continue to inform the content and context of my work.

During my post-graduate and post-doctoral years I was an assistant and associate researcher on large-scale studies, presented my research analyses at international conferences, and taught social justice, critical thinking, qualitative research, and feminist pedagogy. I also consulted, volunteered, and conducted research in the child and youth advocacy community.

In the 2000s I undertook a study of accomplished women artists—which engaged my creative roots and launched my consulting practice—while also serving as marketing director for an established group of architects.

In the 1980s, prior to attending university, I owned and operated a fabric art and fashion design studio with sales across Canada. During that time, I also undertook major textile design commissions for a prototype film and theatre venue at Expo '86 and a dining and entertainment complex in Toronto.

Throughout the 1970s I worked in land development; primarily, leasing and marketing shopping centres in BC. In the 1960s I was an administrative and research assistant for a national brokerage house, a public stenographer and, fresh out of high school, an executive secretary in network television.

Perhaps not resume-worthy, but worth mentioning, during my junior and senior high school years I was the neighbourhood babysitter, a summertime mothers' helper, and even a matinée movie usherette. And maybe my best and worst job was the summer I sold tickets for a travelling carnival while sitting for hours in a hot booth and eating endless bags of free popcorn.



Creative Non-fiction | Literary Memoir

Betsy Warland, Mentor, Consultant

Vancouver Manuscript Intensive


Certificate, Creative Non-fiction

Charlie Demers, Mentor

The Writers' Studio, Continuing Studies

Simon Fraser University


PhD, Social & Educational Studies

Comprehensive Exams passed With Distinction

Focuses: Qualitative Research & Personal Narrative

University of British Columbia (UBC)


BA, Conferred With High Distinction

Double-specialist in Multi-disciplinary & Cross-cultural Studies

University of Toronto (UofT)


High School Graduation

West Vancouver Senior Secondary School


2010s and onward ...

  • Creative Director: Client Services, Publications, Collections

  • Freelance Consultant: Writer, Graphic Designer, Social Researcher


  • Freelance Creative Director, Artistudio | Artistory Portfolios

  • Marketing Director, Iredale Group Architecture


  • Research Consultant, Child & Youth Advocacy Community

  • Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Education, UBC

  • Research Assistant, Apprentice, & Associate, UofT & UBC


  • Fabric Artist & Fashion Designer, Sheila Martineau Designs Ltd.

  • Textile Designer, Major Entertainment Venue Commissions


  • Leasing & Marketing Shopping Centres, Ira Young & Associates

  • Leasing & Marketing Shopping Centres, Marathon Realty Limited


  • Research Assistant, Doherty, Roadhouse, & McQuaig (Brokerage)

  • Executive Secretary, ABC Network Television, Los Angeles CA


university of toronto

Undergraduate Studies / Academic Scholarships

1993 Governor General’s Academic Medals Program

1993 Jacob & Jennie Rosenberg Award, Sociology

1993 Gabe & Pearl Blackman Award, Sociology

1992 McNab Scholarship, Department of Sociology

1992 Women’s Studies Scholarship, City of Toronto

1992 Academic Award, Woodsworth College

1991 J.W. Billes Academic Scholarship, Woodsworth

1991 Outstanding Academic Achievement, APUS

8993 Faculty Scholar, Deans List, Arts & Science

university of british columbia

Graduate & Post-graduate Studies / Research Fellowships

9899 UBC Graduate Fellowship, Educational Studies

9798 Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada

9697 Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada

9698 UBC Graduate Fellowship, Educational Studies

9596 UBC Graduate Fellowship, Educational Studies

9495 UBC Graduate Fellowship, Educational Studies

9495 R. Howard Webster Foundation, Green College

1994 Gender Equity Award, BC Ministry of Education

9394 UBC Graduate Fellowship, Educational Studies