curating desire

for the love of words and pictures and true stories

Arranging words and pictures and true stories on the printed page is my smooth jazz in a grand piano lounge. Where curating desire is a cocktail of antics, wishes, secrets, and insights.

Infused with my good fortune and great privilege to work with, and write about, people who are artful in their lives and works.


"To be an artist is to have a talent, but talent is only realized if it is given as a gift to the world."
Lewis Hyde (1979). The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property. NY: Vintage Books.

Below are a few flipbooks; some newer, some older. A small sampling from my Projects, Writings, and Archives portfolios.

For easy reading, flipbooks are best viewed full-screen. Hover over the cover image to reveal the scrollbar and click on the full-screen icon.

The Wisdom of the Imagination: The Livres d'artiste of Lucie Lambert. Artistory® 2010. Copyright © 2009 Sheila Martineau, Veronique Plesch, Lucie Lambert. A coup d’oeil into the life and work of acclaimed book artist Lucie Lambert. Essays by Sheila Martineau PhD and Véronique Plesch PhD.

The Secret Life of Cocoons: The Silk Project of Textile Artist Joanna Staniszkis. Copyright © 2010 Sheila Martineau, Joanna Staniszkis. An essay of the preparation for, and a meditation on, the artist's extraordinary exhibition at the Elliot Louis Gallery ("The Emperor's New Clothes," 2005).

The Vignettes: Staying Home Alone with Maxine. Self-published. Copyright © 2020 Sheila Martineau. Everyday vignettes created for fun during BC's Covid-19 lockdown in the Spring of 2020.

The Boys: Peter and Paul Martineau. Self-published. Copyright © 2021 Sheila Martineau. The antics and accomplishments of my twin brothers while they were growing up (1948–1967).