cultivating story:

for the love of words and pictures and true stories

As artists and their art co-inhere, as writers and their writing meet at the threshold between seeing and saying, so do I embark on the liminal journey of cultivating story.

From academic papers to story booklets, and from creative critiques and client profiles to personal essays and literary memoir.

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academic papers

research articles and chapters

“The Risky Business of Translating Resiliency Research into Advocacy Practice.” The Newsletter of the BC Institute Against Family Violence, 7(3), 18–21. Winter 2001.

“The Risky Business of Translating Resiliency Research into Advocacy Practice.” FOCUS on Children and Youth, 5(1), 9–12. 2000.

“Toward Participatory Pedagogy: From Targeting Childhood Risk and Resilience to Teaching Children’s Rights and Responsibilities.” In J. R. Epp (Ed.), Centering on the Margins: The Evaded Curriculum. The Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education (CASWE), International Institute Proceedings, Vol. 73–80. Ottawa, ON: University of Ottawa. 1998.

“Reconstructing Childhood: Toward a Praxis of Inclusion.” In A. McGillivray (Ed.), Governing Childhood (pp. 225–49). Aldershot, England: Dartmouth. 1997.

“Dangerous Liaison: The Eugenics Movement and the Educational State.” In J. R. Epp, & A. M. Watkinson (Eds.), Systemic Violence: How Schools Hurt Children (pp. 27–49). London UK: The Falmer Press. 1996.

“Review of 'Interrogating Incest' article.” [Interrogating Incest: Feminism, Foucault and the Law]. Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 11, 295–99. Spring, 1996.

“Corporal Punishment in the Family: A Review of Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies Abstracts.” The Ontario Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse. 1992.

Doctoral Dissertation

Rewriting Resilience: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Childhood Resilience and the Politics of Teaching Resilience to 'Kids at Risk.' (UBC, 1999)

Dissertation and Abstract available at UBC Library Open Collections:
Dissertation: Rewriting Resilience

client commissions

creative non-fiction essays

"The Nature of Silk Creation | The Creation of Silk Culture." La Vie en Soie II. Joanna Staniszkis, Exhibition Catalogue. Provence: L'hotel de Tingry, Ménerbes. 2022.

"The Creative Spirit." Patricia Gray: Pastels. Van BC: Patricia Gray Inc., 5–9. 2016.

“The Dark Path of the Fairy Tale Forest: Journeying Deep into Lesley Richmond’s
Tree Series.”
Surface Design Journal, 36(1), 12–15. 2011.

“From Alchemy to Art: Les Éditions Lucie Lambert.” The wisdom of the imagination:
The livres d’artiste of Lucie Lambert.
(Sheila Martineau, Ed.). Vancouver BC: Simply Read Books, 1–27. 2010.

Finding A Good Fit: The Life and Work of Architect Rand Iredale (S. Martineau, Ed.). Vancouver BC: Blue Imprint. Co-authored with Kathryn Iredale. 2008.

“The Fruit of the Creative Spirit is the Work of Art Itself.” Portfolio Collection: Lesley Richmond. (Vol. 40, M. Koumis, Ed.). London UK: Telos Art Publishing, 13–28. 2007.

“The Secret Life of Cocoons: The Silk Project of Textile Artist Joanna Staniszkis.” NUVO Magazine, 9, 89–91. 2006.

“MetalMorphosis: Worlds Within Worlds with Joanna Staniszkis.” Surface Design Journal, 29(4), 24–9. 2005.

“Les Éditions Lucie Lambert: Livres d’artiste and the Wisdom of the Imagination.” Amphora, 139, 6–19. 2005.

children's booklets

  • Lego Force: The Lego | Star Wars Adventures of a Future Jedi Master

  • Dressup: A Colorful Collection of Characters in the Costume Closet

  • Me Do It! My Huge Life So Far

  • Toddler Tips & Treats

personal writings

juried submissions

  • Essay: "In the Dying Room" (2022). Finalist, Writers' Union of Canada annual short non-fiction prose competition. [482 submissions]

Notes from a juror: "Gripping, with evocative details that also conjure up a sense of rawness and the willingness to look on terrible things. The care the voice employs indicates a speaker who is finally coming to face what's unbearable, and the story brings the reader on this courageous journey.”

  • Essay: "In the Light of Day" (2022). Canadian Non-fiction Collaborative. Non-fiction submission.

in the works

  • Memoir: I Wanted to Tell You This, 'a memoir of magic, music, and madness.'

published essay (excerpted)

  • Essay: "A Beautiful Beast: Finding My Piano." In D. Elza (Ed.), Emerge 14: The Writers Studio Anthology. Vancouver BC: Simon Fraser University, 84–89. 2014.

public readings

  • "Smoke and Mirrors." Recorded reading for Writers Radio. 2022.

  • "Smoke and Mirrors." The Writers' Studio, SFU. Cottage Bistro, 2017.

  • "Dick Tracy: A True Story." The Writers' Studio, SFU. Cottage Bistro, 2016.

  • "The Master Plan." Vancouver Manuscript Intensive. Havana Café Theatre, 2015.

  • "The Assemblages." The Writers' Studio, SFU. Cottage Bistro, 2014.

self-published booklet

  • The Vignettes: Staying Home Alone with Maxine. 2020. I composed the vignettes during the first few months of Covid lockdown. Click on the link to view the flipbook version:
    Booklet: The Vignettes