cultivating story:

for the love of words and pictures and true stories

As artists and their art co-inhere, as writers and their writing meet at the threshold of seeing and saying, so do I embrace the liminal journey of cultivating story.

From academic papers to personal essays; and, in between, critiques, profiles, and biographies. Not least, literary memoir.

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academic papers

  • “The Risky Business of Translating Resiliency Research into Advocacy Practice.” The Newsletter of the BC Institute Against Family Violence, 7(3), 18–21. Winter 2001.

  • “The Risky Business of Translating Resiliency Research into Advocacy Practice.” FOCUS on Children and Youth, 5(1), 9–12. 2000.

  • “Toward Participatory Pedagogy: From Targeting Childhood Risk and Resilience to Teaching Children’s Rights and Responsibilities.” In J. R. Epp (Ed.), Centering on the Margins: The Evaded Curriculum. The Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education (CASWE), International Institute Proceedings, Vol. 73–80. Ottawa, ON: University of Ottawa. 1998.

  • “Reconstructing Childhood: Toward a Praxis of Inclusion.” In A. McGillivray (Ed.), Governing Childhood (pp. 225–49). Aldershot ENG: Dartmouth. 1997.

  • “Dangerous Liaison: The Eugenics Movement and the Educational State.” In J. R. Epp, & A. M. Watkinson (Eds.), Systemic Violence: How Schools Hurt Children (pp. 27–49). London UK: The Falmer Press. 1996.

  • Review of "Interrogating Incest: Feminism, Foucault and the Law." Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 11, 295–99. Spring, 1996.

  • “Corporal Punishment in the Family: A Review of Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies Abstracts.” The Ontario Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse. 1992.

doctoral dissertation

  • Rewriting Resilience: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Childhood Resilience and the Politics of Teaching Resilience to 'Kids at Risk.' (UBC, 1999)

Abstract and Dissertation available at UBC Library Open Collections. Link to view: Rewriting Resilience

and pictures ...

creative non-fiction essays

  • "The Nature of Silk Creation | The Creation of Silk Culture." La Vie en Soie II. Joanna Staniszkis, Textile Art Exhibit Catalogue. Provence, France: Dora Maar Foundation, L’hôtel de Tingry, Ménerbes. 2022.

  • "The Creative Spirit." Artist Profile in Patricia Gray: Pastels. (Sheila Martineau, Ed. & Designer). Vancouver BC: Patricia Gray Inc., 5–9. 2016.

  • “The Dark Path of the Fairy Tale Forest: Journeying Deep into Lesley Richmond’s Tree Series.” Surface Design Journal, 36(1), 12–15. 2011.

  • “From Alchemy to Art: Les Éditions Lucie Lambert.” The wisdom of the imagination: The livres d’artiste of Lucie Lambert. (Sheila Martineau, Ed. & Designer). Vancouver BC: Simply Read Books, 1–27. 2010.

  • “The Fruit of the Creative Spirit is the Work of Art Itself.” Portfolio Collection: Lesley Richmond. (Vol. 40, M. Koumis, Ed.). London UK: Telos Art Publishing, 13–28. 2007.

  • “The Secret Life of Cocoons: The Silk Project of Textile Artist Joanna Staniszkis.” NUVO Magazine, 9, 89–91. 2006.

  • “MetalMorphosis: Worlds Within Worlds with Joanna Staniszkis.” Surface Design Journal, 29(4), 24–9. 2005.

  • “Les Éditions Lucie Lambert: Livres d’artiste and the Wisdom of the Imagination.” Amphora, 139, 6–19. 2005.

commissioned biographies

  • Jonathan Losee: Landscape Architecture. (S. Martineau, Ed. & Designer). Vancouver BC: Prospect & Refuge Landscape Architects Ltd. 2019.

  • Finding A Good Fit: The Life and Work of Architect Rand Iredale (S. Martineau, Ed. & Designer). Vancouver BC: BLUEimPRINT / Granville Island Publishing. Co-authored with Kathryn Iredale. 2008.

children's booklets

  • Lego Force: The Lego | Star Wars Adventures of a Future Jedi Master

  • Dressup: A Colorful Collection of Characters in the Costume Closet

  • Me Do It! My Huge Life So Far

  • Toddler Tips & Treats

and true stories

personal essays

  • "In the Dying Room." Writers' Union of Canada's annual short prose competition. 2022. [one of 12 juried finalists out of 482 submissions]

Note from a juror: "Gripping, with evocative details that also conjure up a sense of rawness and the willingness to look on terrible things. The care the voice employs indicates a speaker who is finally coming to face what's unbearable, and the story brings the reader on this courageous journey.”

  • "In Each Lovely Thing" (2022). [Companion essay to "In the Dying Room"]

  • "A Beautiful Beast: Finding My Piano." In D. Elza (Ed.), Emerge 14: The Writers Studio Anthology. Vancouver BC: Simon Fraser University, 84–89. 2014.

literary memoir (in revision)

  • I wanted to tell you this: a memoir of magic, music, and madness.

public readings

  • "Smoke and Mirrors." Recorded for Writers Radio, 2022. Link to listen: Smoke and Mirrors

  • "Smoke and Mirrors." The Writers' Studio, SFU. Cottage Bistro, 2017.

  • "Dick Tracy: A True Story." The Writers' Studio, SFU. Cottage Bistro, 2016.

  • "The Master Plan." Vancouver Manuscript Intensive. Havana Café Theatre, 2015.

  • "The Assemblages." The Writers' Studio, SFU. Cottage Bistro, 2014.

self-published booklet

  • The Vignettes: Staying Home Alone with Maxine. 2020. I composed the vignettes during the first few months of BC's Covid lockdown. Link to view: The Vignettes