collecting data:

for the love of words and pictures and true stories

Along with wartime love letters and milestone headshots, my family's memorabilia comprise a trove of facts and artifacts excavated from deep within the archival crevices of collecting data.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, so might a thousand photos reveal a true story. Like reading between the lines.

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The memorabilia I have collected include magazine articles and newspaper clippings, catalogues and inventories, pamphlets and programs, diplomas and transcripts, arts and crafts. Plus, data from minutes, newsletters, and documents; shipping logs, war records, and census data; obituaries, year books, and report cards. And insights gleaned from letters, interviews, anecdotes, and snapshots.

"How fiercely they competed against each other and, at the finish line, how joyfully they were the closest of brothers." [Richard Horner, schoolmate]


I plan to create several biographic booklets over the years ahead. My first offering, The Boys, draws on facts, stories, and memories:

  • The Boys: Peter and Paul Martineau. Self-published. 2021. Recalling and showcasing the antics and achievements of my deceased twin brothers while they were growing up. Link to view: The Boys

Future family topics include:

  • stage magic, sleight-of-hand, comedic pantomime

  • commercial art and special effects

  • pen and ink calligraphy and illustration

  • classical piano medals, competitions, and performances

  • the fibre and fabric collections

  • the found-object assemblages

  • love letters home and life in the WWII Entertainment Corp

  • fabric art, textile design, and ancient alchemy

  • the story of a grand piano and a Parisian mural

Fractal art digitally created, collaged, and coloured; applied to kimono styles for digital dye-printing on silk satins and broadcloths. [Sheila Martineau Designs Ltd.]


While many images and stories will be captured in booklets, some collections will also be showcased in photo galleries:

  • decorated envelopes with 'Love Letters Home' from WWII

  • a selection of hand-printed and illustrated pages from the three-volume Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, published in the USA by Silk King Studios (1948, 1953, 1962)

  • hand-lettered and illustrated booklet covers

  • needlecraft works and quilting designs

  • fabric art and fashion design (example above)

  • my mother's, grandmother's, and great-grandmother's newspaper clippingsfrom gold-medal awards to classical piano recitals to winning jam recipes

  • paintings, drawings, sketches, caricatures, special effects

Note: Until I begin creating online galleriesa long-term projectbelow are a few art- and magic-based carousels to scroll.